A Embellished Veteran of GROM, Poland’s Special Forces Writes About Russia Mutilating POWS

Can Russia nonetheless be handled as a civilized state, or is it already a terrorist nation that enables its troopers to behave worthy of conflict crimes?

After a number of years of absence, right now’s article is my first for SOFREP in a while. When commenting on armed conflicts, I relatively checked out them from the angle of what I skilled in the course of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, from a historic viewpoint. The present conflict, the one in Ukraine, is going down within the instant neighborhood of Poland and the Poles. I touch upon it, witnessing a narrative happening, a narrative as merciless because the one our grandparents informed us about once they recalled the Second World Battle.

Putin’s troops (I don’t wish to blame all Russians) preventing in Ukraine make themselves often called the worst facet by inflicting cruelty that does entitle one to name himself a soldier.  They mindlessly kill civilians, rape ladies, don’t spare the aged, and destroy hospitals, colleges, group facilities, and church buildings, there isn’t any holiness for them.

In current days, a video has been uploaded to the web and social media displaying the possible mutilation of a Ukrainian prisoner of conflict. The movie exhibits a Ukrainian soldier captured and subdued. He lies on the bottom along with his mouth taped and his fingers tied. Above him stands a person in a Russian army uniform, with the letter “Z” sewn on, which is an emblem of the invasion of Ukraine. First, he cuts the uniform of the soldier with a knife, after which mutilates a person within the perineum space…, shouting humiliating curses at him in Russian. It’s troublesome for Web customers to find out when and the place this video was shot, however a lot of them acknowledge the perpetrator by a attribute hat with tassels, this man beforehand appeared in a recording from the Azot chemical plant in Severdonetsk.

It’s ridiculous that the torture video comes from the Russian media, the place Ossian propagandists delightfully present how a gaggle of sadists mutilated a Ukrainian prisoner. What ought to the world consider Russian troopers now? About Putin’s nation, the place his troopers take pleasure in torture and assassinations?

“The fog of conflict won’t assist the executioners to flee punishment. We are going to establish and catch everybody,” Mykhailo Podolak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president, wrote on Twitter.

In materials printed on the RIA Novosti Telegram channel, the Russian information company recognized the person as a member of the Chechen battalion often called the “Akhmat.”

What can the world do now? -not a lot… Ukrainian civil rights spokeswoman Lyudmyla Denysova appealed to the UN Fee on Human Rights to analyze experiences of the torture of prisoners of conflict within the fingers of Russians. For instance, a lot of the Ukrainian troopers who had been taken prisoner within the neighborhood of Mariupol had been transferred to the Donetsk detention middle and correctional colony No. 120, which is positioned in quickly occupied territory. Through the transport, Ukrainian troopers had their eyes coated, their fingers tied, and luggage had been placed on their heads. After being delivered to their vacation spot, they had been tortured, threatened with dying, overwhelmed, and humiliated. Officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and troopers of the Azov Special Forces are handled even worse, they’re tortured with excessive cruelty. After their launch, Ukrainian prisoners of conflict report that they had been overwhelmed throughout their our bodies, had rifle barrels compelled into wounds to open them once more, pinched with pliers, and strangled. As well as, some had been electrocuted, overwhelmed with batons, and repeatedly kicked on the genitals.

Being a soldier and now a veteran, studying and studying experiences which are simply as merciless as these given by the Nazis in the course of the Second World Battle, I ask; “How is that this attainable within the Twenty-First Century? Has our civilization realized nothing from affected by earlier wars?”

Russia appears to have remained in the beginning of the Twentieth Century, not eager to undertake the present social norms.


Naval served in GROM, the Polish Special Forces unit for fourteen years as an operator in a fight unit. Most of his time within the unit he spent on overseas missions. He was adorned with the best fight medals awarded in Poland for private valor, together with the Knight’s Cross of the Navy Cross, granted for excellent army deserves, and the Commander’s Cross of the Navy Cross, granted for many excellent valor with risking one’s life. He additionally holds the Grom Gold Badge, which is most honored by the GROM personnel. He’s the creator of two books about his experiences in conflict, “