All Russian T-90M tanks in Ukraine might have obtained Telnik shells

Rumors are swirling within the Russian blogosphere, and even amongst some navy insiders, that every one of Russia’s T-90M Proryv tanks stationed in Ukraine are armed with the revolutionary 3VOF128 Telnik tank rounds. Nonetheless, Moscow stays tight-lipped concerning this matter. Apparently, it’s value noting that there was proof of the usage of Telnik in Ukraine final October. 

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In distinction, again in October of the earlier yr, Moscow had formally acknowledged the usage of Telnik rounds, whereas cautioning that it was not a common enterprise throughout all T-90 tanks, however slightly, a case of selective applicability. This revelation was subsequently corroborated by Russian Basic Oleg Salyukov, the incumbent Commander-in-Chief of the Floor Forces. 

The tank crew members of the Russian T-90M, working inside the SVO area, reportedly included the groundbreaking high-explosive 3VOF128 Telnik shells into their fight operations geared toward undermining the Ukrainian infantry troops. These significantly exceptional rounds are famend for his or her so-called shrapnel-burst or beam-disintegrating traits, which allow them to unleash a torrent of predetermined submunitions upon aerial detonation, considerably ravaging enemy ranks.

Moscow: T-90M tanks fire cutting-edge shrapnel-exploding shells
Picture by Maksim Blinov / Sputnik

Telnik has sub-munitions

In a assertion final yr, Salyukov declared that the T-90M tanks have enhanced their fight effectiveness towards enemy forces with the introduction of the revolutionary Telnik high-explosive shells. These revolutionary items of ammunition come geared up with preformed sub-munitions and are engineered to blow up at a predetermined location alongside their path. 

Deploying these high-tech weapons includes a advanced course of. It features a custom-made tank ballistic computer-tailored particularly for such a shot and its ballistic profile, a machine to supply info on the ammunition, a hyperlink system, and, in fact, the 125-mm 3VOF128 Telnik shot. This distinctive shot incorporates a fragmentation projectile designed to detonate in mid-air on its trajectory. 

Moscow: T-90M tanks fire cutting-edge shrapnel-exploding shells
Picture credit score: Borba Data

With regards to energy, the Telnik’s functionality towards enemy troopers is unquestionable. Stories counsel it’s 6-8 occasions stronger than the standard 3OF26 high-explosive fragmentation projectile.


The gap that tank shell particles can journey is closely influenced by the design and measurement of the shell itself. For you, which means even should you’re not within the direct line of fireplace, you should still be at risk from the shrapnel. Given the pace at which these fragments can journey, taking cowl or defending your self can pose a vital problem. 

SMArt 155 penetrates Russian T-90 igniting the charges in the tank
Picture credit score: Wikimedia

Russian paperwork reveal {that a} particular kind of shell, the 3VOF128 Telnik, showers an space with 5.4 kg of particles and pre-arranged fragments upon explosion, providing cone-like protection of the goal space. The mass and dimensions of this shell match that of a typical ZOF26 high-explosive tank shell, offering you with an thought of the potential risk it represents.

Not simply bodily injury

It’s fairly astonishing to ponder how the shattering of tank shells can result in each tangible injury and psychological trauma. 

Russian T-90M tanks crews train to destroy NATO tanks in Ukraine
Picture by Stanislav Krasilnikov

The abrupt and forceful blast, coupled with the unpredictable path of the fragments, can instill emotions of terror, disorientation, and chaos. What’s much more regarding is that this psychological toll won’t be short-term. In truth, it may be long-lasting, usually resulting in situations like post-traumatic stress dysfunction [PTSD] and varied psychological well being considerations. 

Moreover, the widespread devastation attributable to tank shells can critically have an effect on the morale of each navy models and extraordinary residents. It’s a clear show of the overwhelming power and harmful potential that’s attribute of at present’s warfare.

T-90M fires guided missiles

Think about this – the Russian T-90M tank is a formidable power, able to firing an array of guided missiles that tremendously improve its fight prowess. Its go-to weapon is commonly the 9M119 Refleks [AT- Sniper] anti-tank missile. 

This missile boasts a respectable attain of as much as 5 kilometers. It’s particularly designed to penetrate the thickest of armors, using a laser beam driving steering system to make sure precision focusing on even at appreciable distances. 

Apparently, the T-90M tank can also launch the 9M119M Refleks-M [AT-11B Sniper-B] missile. That is an upgraded model of the unique Refleks missile, providing an prolonged vary of as much as 6 kilometers. Its enhanced armor-piercing capabilities make it significantly efficient towards closely armored targets.

Russia was quietly killing T-90 tanks until India came along
Picture credit score: Telegram

Anti-tank missiles, too

Throughout the T-90M tank’s arsenal, not solely will you discover anti-tank missiles, but in addition the 9M119 Svir [AT-11C Sniper-C] missile. What units this missile aside is its proficiency in downing low-flying helicopters and plane. With an excellent vary of as much as 10 kilometers, this missile makes use of a semi-automatic command-to-line-of-sight steering system. This groundbreaking system supplies the operator with direct management, guiding the missile to its goal through a joystick. 

Let’s delve into one other weapon inside the T-90M tank’s stock, the 9M119M1 Invar-M [AT-11 Sniper-BM] missile. This missile is engineered particularly to focus on and demolish armored targets, boasting a vary of as much as 5 kilometers. Its distinctive characteristic? A tandem warhead. This superior element allows it to penetrate the reactive armor methods generally discovered on modern tanks. Furthermore, the missile’s laser beam driving steering system, assures unerring accuracy when aiming at targets.

UAVs adjust T-90M tanks firing, new batch supplied to Russian army
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