China’s Oligarchy threatens “dire penalties” over Pelosi’s Taiwan go to. Yawn.

Nancy Pelosi introduced she would go to      Taiwan to assist its standing as a free democratic nation. The      Chinese language oligarchy instantly jumped up, pounded it is       collective chest and howled dire threats of “severe penalties”      if she performed the go to.

     She ignored the hisses and snarls      of the Chinese language oligarchy, carried out the go to in defiance of the      tried intimidation dedicated by the Chinese language slave army, supported      Taiwan as a democratic state, after which refused to apologize for      ‘offending’ the hyper authoritarian tyrants of Beijing. In doing      so      she confirmed she has extra spine, extra guts and extra of a pair      different issues than massive dangerous wrassler John Cena, who after referring      to      Taiwan as a rustic instantly bowed earlier than the slave homeowners and      murderers operating China to grovel out an apology of their language.

     China is in      some ways probably the most horrific, oppressive, authoritarian, tyrannical      regime on earth. The tiniest trace of free speech, dissent,      individualism, unbiased thought, and many others is immediately crushed underneath      overwhelming pressure. China retains tens of millions of its individuals in live-in      factories the place the circumstances are so horrible that the      dormitories      have suicide netting to maintain state labor items (Often called ‘individuals’      in      different nations) from leaping to their deaths to flee. As an      various, they’ve open and trustworthy slave labor camps generally known as      ‘prisons’ the place circumstances are even worse. Anybody even mentioning      a      labor union or staff rights might be despatched to at least one immediately.

     China has developed the follow of “identification genocide” (My time period)      that’s primarily based on destroying any doable sense of identification a      individual      may need past “Silent obedient submissive regulation obeying Chinese language      citizen #XXXXXXXXXXXX”. Thus any faith is forbidden because the      Chinese language dictatorship cannot enable the individuals to consider in something      extra highly effective that it. Any nationwide or ethnic sense of identification is      hunted down and crushed, any philosophy is persecuted by bloody      pressure      and even any movie star who turns into ‘too common’ can discover      themselves      pressured to ‘retire’, typically giving a lot of their cash to the      authorities for the privilege of not being merely ‘disappeared’.

     A preferred and worthwhile method of coping with even minor dissent is      to      ‘execute’ (homicide) the dissidents and promote their organs on the      transplant market. (China is definitely not a communist nation, it      is      a hyper capitalistic one the place even human lives and organs are      commodities for the rich to monetize.)

     I am proud to be a      democratic voter after I see a democrat chief spit within the face of      such a regime. As to China’s darkish mutterings about ‘dire      penalties”, yawn. The large dangerous Russian army has been uncovered      as a paper bear, rendered virtually comically impotent by a long time of      graft and corruption from being ran by kleptocratic oligarchs.      China      runs underneath an identical system and thus their army is more likely to      be a      paper dragon. (Word: America and China have each simply adopted new      assault rifles for his or her militaries. The American one is an extended      ranged, extra highly effective and correct one meant to interact prime line      army forces geared up with trendy physique armor. The Chinese language one      is      smaller, weaker, shorter ranged and clearly not meant to interact a      trendy army opponent, however is good for massacring unarmed and      unarmored civilians.)

     As to nuclear weapons, the Oligarchs in      china know if it involves that they may die together with the slaves      and peasants, so it will not come to that.

     So what if we do      have an enormous break up with China? Sure it is going to harm us, however the      authorities      might order an emergency industrialization drive, like in WW2      the place      business was pressured to assist the warfare effort. New factories might      be      constructed quickly within the ‘rust belt”, a brand new labor pressure could possibly be      skilled as they have been being constructed and we might have a home      digital business in a couple of years. Our nice era suffered      a      few years of inconvenience to win WW2, we will do the identical to free      ourselves from dependency of Chinese language digital. (Psst!      Hey, I’ve had the identical funds smartphone for a few 12 months now,       you      can stay with out upgrading yours each 6 months. Get a case and      lanyard for it to maintain from dropping it and it may possibly final a pair      years.)

     We are able to exchange China as makers of our electronics      with some effort and time . How can they exchange us as their      market?      Perhaps it is time for a showdown with China. They brag about not      doing      analysis as they only steal everybody else’s innovations and      advances,      perhaps its time to cease shopping for our tech from their slave labor      factories and feeding their Oligarch economic system .

To not point out rebuilding our working class.

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