Defence Intelligence: So as to cease the escape of their items from the battlefield, the occupiers proceed to make use of “blocking squad”

On account of the actions of the Ukrainian Protection Forces, among the many personnel of the occupying forces, there may be an incitement of panic and unwillingness to take part within the battle. The scenario is exacerbated by premature and incomplete funds of the promised upkeep. Many troopers, whose solely motivation was materials help, are on the lookout for alternatives to both return to the territory of the Russian Federation or give up.

The occupiers who moved from the Izyum route to the Donetsk area are ready to ship ammunition and gas. Through the retreat, the items spent or have been pressured to desert nearly all weapons and gear. Racists complain that the promised support has by no means arrived.

Units of the twentieth Guards Mixed Arms Army of the Russian Federation (navy unit 12721) retreating from Izyum and Balaklia suffered heavy losses. In some corporations, about half of the personnel remained. Those that survived intend to maneuver in direction of the Russian border to return residence.

Many occupiers concentrated close to the Russian border within the Belgorod area. They haven’t any communication with the command; there isn’t a provide of meals and ammunition.

So as to cease mass desertion from the battlefield, the Kremlin command is intensifying the usage of “confirmed” Soviet strategies of “persuasion”. From the intercepted conversations of the occupiers, it turned identified about establishing the rear of the so-called “blocking items”. Particularly, the commanders of the 4th separate motorized rifle brigade of the 2nd military corps obtained a message:

There’s a blocking squad posted within the rear lane. All retreating troops will probably be destroyed. Commander’s order quantity 222. Ship to all posts.

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