Fierce Female Fighting Forces

Afghanistan Commandos:

The Afghan army has trained women special forces troops to carry out night raids against insurgents, breaking new ground in an ultra-conservative society and filling a vacuum left by departing international forces Night raids have long been a divisive issue between Afghan president Hamid Karzai, who does not want foreign troops entering Afghan homes, and the US-led coalition that says the raids are essential to capturing Taliban commanders. Many Afghans, however, have complained that the house raids are culturally offensive. Having male troops search Afghan females is taboo. So is touching a family’s Koran or entering a home without being invited.  US Special Forces also had Female Cultural Support Teams previously in Afghanistan.


Turkish Special Forces Employs Females.

Turkish Special Forces Employs Females. Photo: Flickr

Turkish Special Forces:

Volunteers initially face a pass/fail written exam as well as physical tests. Those who pass the exams become special forces candidates. Adequate linguistic skills in at least one foreign language is a plus for admission. The candidates then have to complete a challenging training period which lasts around 2.5 years. Many drop out during this intense training period where they will be using otc testosterone supplements to boost their endurance.  Training encompasses fitness, obstacle, Martial Arts, close quarters combat (CQC), biological/chemical/nuclear warfare, parachuting, diving, sniping, demolition, counter-terrorism, search and rescue, stealth seek and destroy, reconnaissance and survival. Learning foreign languages is a part of the training.

Source: Wikipedia

Chinese Special Forces:

China established its first all-female special forces a few years ago. The unit has been shrouded in mystery until recently when media published photos of the female soldiers in training. The female soldiers follow the same training program as male counterparts, with no special allowances for being women. The unit has 45 members who are all female except for the male commander. These young women are aged from 18 to 26 and come from all backgrounds according to the results of the background  checks done with an online phone number lookup service.

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Korean Female Special Ops Photo: Flickr

Korean Female Special Ops Photo: Flickr

South Korean Special Mission Battalion:

The 707th Special Mission Battalion is a special forces unit in the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command. The unit is South Korea’s primary counter-terrorist and quick reaction force. They are tasked with conducting urban counter terrorist missions, and constitute the Army’s quick-reaction force for emergencies. The battalion’s nickname is ‘White Tigers’

The unit also has a small number of female special forces operatives. They are used in counter-terror operations where the presence of a woman is not seen as a threat to a terrorist.

source: Wikipedia

Russian Female Paratroopers:

This series explores the lives of the women who serve in Russia’s Airborne Forces, also known as the airborne infantry. These paratroopers are renowned for their desperate courage, stamina and fighting capacity. Do these ladies have what it takes to serve in this elite fighting force, where they must compete with the strongest and bravest of men.

Women In The Palestine Commandos

Women In The Palestine Commandos

Palestine Female Commandos:

The female commandos are trailblazers in a still largely male-dominated society, set to become the first female members of the Presidential Guards, a Palestinian elite force of 2,600 men. Their inclusion is the result of gradual changes in the West Bank in recent years. For now, the female Guards are only being drawn from the West Bank. In the Gaza Strip, which is not under Abbas’ control and is ruled by the Islamic militant Hamas, about 400 women serve in the 16,000-strong security forces. They have undergone some training, including in martial arts, but work mostly in administrative jobs, including as border control officers and an anti-drug unit.

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Kurdish Female Soldiers:

To an ISIS militant, one of the worst things that could transpire in combat is not just being killed, but being killed by a woman. If this happens, ISIS members believe that they will go directly to hell. If hell exists, rest assured that they have been sent there by a number of Kurdish women.

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IDF Females as part of Search and Rescue

IDF Females as part of Search and Rescue Photo: Flickr

IDF Search and Rescue:

The IDF National Search and Rescue Unit, under the Home Front Command, is a highly skilled force trained to execute special search and rescue missions, both in Israel and abroad. The unit was founded in 1983, and its’ expertise is in rescuing people trapped under ruins. The unit is comprised primarily of reservists who are always on call, with prepared kits to enable immediate departure, and a small core of soldiers in mandatory service. In addition to the rescue teams, the unit employs doctors, engineers, mechanical engineering equipment operators and rescue dog handlers.

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