Horrifying Moments! How Russia Loses 950 Troops, 30 Tanks, 59 Artillery System in 24 Hours

At present, we delve into a major occasion within the ongoing battle between Russia and Ukraine, as reviews emerge of a staggering loss for the Russian army. Russian forces suffered a devastating blow, dropping 950 troops, 30 tanks, and 59 artillery items in a single day of intense combating.

Based on their newest report, Moscow has misplaced a staggering whole of 379,610 troops, together with 950 troopers previously 24 hours alone. The toll on Russia’s army property is equally important, with the Ukrainian army reporting the lack of 6,257 tanks, 9,067 artillery programs, 11,621 armored fight autos, 12,044 autos and gasoline tanks, and 331 army jets because the battle started.