Horrifying Moments! How Ukraine Forces Destroy 6 Russian Su-25s in Tavria Sector

At present, we have now some compelling updates on the continuing battle between Ukraine and Russia, particularly within the intense and strategic battleground of Tavria and How Ukraine has eradicated 6 Russian Su-25.

Ukrainian forces have efficiently taken down six enemy Su-25 plane since October tenth. Along with these victories within the air, a complete of 40 items of army tools have been destroyed, together with 6 tanks, 11 armored personnel carriers, 8 artillery methods, six UAVs, 8 autos, and 1 unit of particular tools.

The Battle in Tavria, Ukraine, is undoubtedly one of the vital intense and strategic battles within the ongoing struggle between Ukraine and Russia. The Ukrainian protection forces have been conducting a counter-offensive operation within the Tavria sector since June 2023.