Horrifying Moments! Ukraine Forces Blow Up Russian TOR-M2 Anti-Plane Missile System

On this extraordinary video, we witness a Ukrainian drone exactly focusing on and obliterating a prized Russian Tor-M2 missile system. The video, posted on Tuesday by Ukraine’s navy, captures the drone homing in on its goal with precision earlier than delivering a strike that leads to a strong explosion.

Russia’s Tor-M2 is an all-weather, short-range surface-to-air missile system meticulously designed to destroy a big selection of aerial threats, together with airplanes, guided missiles, drones, and extra. This cutting-edge system boasts a spread of roughly 7.5 miles and has the potential to concurrently interact as much as 48 processed targets and ten tracked targets.

This spectacular system has a number of variants, together with the TOR-M1, TOR-M2, and TOR-M2DT. Developed within the Seventies as a successor to the 9K33 Osa, it was designed to defend towards guided weapons just like the AGM-86 ALCM and BGM-34.