Inside The Green Berets

Part spartan and part diplomat. The US Special Forces; Green Berets are at the sharp end of the fight in Afghanistan.

This 2007 Documentary shows exclusive access and chronicles the lives of the war-hardened Green Berets charged with protecting local civilians from the the Taliban in a remote outpost in Afghanistan.

In a dramatic turn tragic events strike both the soldiers and film crew. With intimate firsthand accounts, watch this up-close look at the challenges and deadly risks that US Special Forces soldiers face on the front lines every day during war.

U.S Army Special Forces soldiers at Fire-base Cobra(Now Tinsley), Afghanistan, 2007 – 2009

The primary mission of the Army Special Forces is to train and lead unconventional warfare forces, or a clandestine guerrilla force in an occupied nation. In there early history as the U.S. became involved in Southeast Asia, it was realized that specialists trained to lead guerrillas could also help defend against hostile guerrillas, so SF acquired the additional mission of Foreign Internal Defense, working with Host Nation forces in a spectrum of counter-guerrilla activities from indirect support to combat command.

Source: Wikipedia