Jocko Podcast 83 w/ Echo Charles: Find out how to Cease Making Excuses. Your Kids Are Watching.

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0:00:00 – Opening

0:01:14 – A letter from a soldier to his sons from a fox gap in Iwo Jima.

0:09:54 – A letter from a mom to her daughter earlier than her execution in Czechoslovakia.

0:53:29 – Advisable power and conditioning for BJJ.

1:08:46 – Are you able to acquire credibility again as soon as you’ve got misplaced it?

1:16:22 – Find out how to lead a group coping with the lack of a member to suicide.

1:24:14 – Find out how to handle a group with a foul boss with out creating division within the group.

1:30:51 – What’s the “warrior mentality” when coping with getting dumped by a big different.

1:41:11 – False Motivation VS Genuine Management.

2:01:25 – Find out how to cease making excuses in case you are a “continual excuse maker”.

2:05:02 – Assist, Cool Onnit, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Excessive Possession (e-book), The Self-discipline Equals Freedom Subject Guide.

2:29:26 – Closing Gratitude.