Jocko Podcast 86 w/ Echo Charles – Find out how to Develop “Man Expertise”. Management Ideas.

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0:00:00 – Opening

0:04:52 – Find out how to maintain exercise self-discipline when you will have a tough bodily job and youngsters, going through burn-out.

0:20:00 – Find out how to set up pleasure right into a crew/battalion/particular person.

0:23:51 – Find out how to develop “man abilities” in an mental atmosphere.

0:42:17 – Must you at all times be indifferent?

0:47:53 – Ideas on The Gracie Academy on-line faculty and different On-line Jiu Jitsu coaching.

0:55:06 – What to do when you will have an egomaniac boss however you search to LEAD.

1:02:34 – Find out how to shift your mindset from particular person contributor to supervisor.

1:14:25 – Why have Jiu Jitsu belts/rating if they aren’t to be strived for?

1:33:57 – Find out how to step right into a supervisor position when everybody else has extra expertise than you.

1:40:49 – Coaching ideas for LEO and Safety Forces. And may we assault insurgents? Or the ideology itself?

1:46:47 – Is it unrealistic to coach Jiu Jitsu with many many previous and current accidents?

1:58:53 – Find out how to efficiently cope with suicidal ideas.

2:08:25 – Help, Cool Onnit, JockoStore stuff, with Jocko White Tea and Psychological Warfare (on iTunes). Excessive Possession (ebook), The Self-discipline Equals Freedom Discipline Handbook. Origin Model, Origin Jiu Jitsu Immersion Camp. Origin Model.

2:31:33 – Closing Gratitude.