Navy SEALs BUDS Part 3 – Two Weeks And One Long Day

The two-month training period begins with a Physical Screening Test. The goal: Improve the candidates’ physical readiness for the rigorous activity they will face at BUD/S.

The Prep School ends with a modified Physical Screening Test. The test is a 1000 – yard swim, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and a four-mile run.

SEALS Doing Push Ups

SEALS Doing Push Ups

The minimum standards for this expanded test are as follows:

  • 1000-yard swim – with fins (20 minutes or under)
  • Push-ups: at least 70 (two-minute time limit)
  • Pull-ups: at least 10 (two-minute time limit)
  • Curl-ups: at least 60 (two-minute time limit)
  • Four-mile run – with shoes + pants (31 minutes or under)

Candidates who don’t pass the longer, more intense test are removed from training and reclassified to other jobs in the Navy.

The Naval Special Warfare Preparatory School utilizes Recruit Training Command pools, indoor and outdoor tracks and other facilities in and around Naval Station Great Lakes. Its staff and curriculum are under the Naval Special Warfare Center.

The third part of the Bud/S training includes training just before hell week will begin. Each candidate makes sure they are squared away and maintain there health before the pain of hell week.

Navy SEALS candidates felling the pain on a log carry.

Navy SEALS candidates felling the pain on a log carry.

Source: SEAL & SWCC

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