New: Midland MXPW Transportable Radio Base Stations

When you’ve ever shopped for a two-way radio, you will know that handheld and cell are two of the most typical classes. Handheld radios are — you guessed it — battery-powered gadgets sufficiently small to carry in your hand or put on on a belt. Cell radios, however, are typically bigger and heavier items utilized in autos, drawing energy from the car’s battery. Cell radios within the GMRS class can transmit at as much as 50 watts, whereas handhelds are restricted to five watts. (Chances are you’ll recall our earlier article exhibiting how we put in a 50W cell radio in our 4Runner.) Immediately, Midland introduced a brand new MXPW radio base station sequence that gives extra portability for these highly effective cell radios.

The brand new Midland MXPW sequence takes current Midland cell GMRS radios and integrates them into moveable steel ammo cans. Every can features a mounting slot for the radio, a built-in battery pack, volt and amp meters, a fan to maintain the unit cool, and storage for the hand mic, magnetic antenna, and cables. The detachable can lid is waterproof and acts as a steel floor airplane for the antenna, maximizing its vary.

We had been additionally happy to be taught that each of those items are made within the USA.

Two fashions will probably be obtainable initially:

  • MXPW115 — surplus 7.62mm ammo can with 4Ah LiFePo4 battery, suitable with the MXT115 (15W), $425 MSRP
  • MXPW500 — surplus 5.56mm ammo can with 10Ah LiFePo4 battery, suitable with Midland’s MXT500 (50W), $600 MSRP

Above: The MXPW115 (high) is designed for the MXT115 radio, and the MXPW500 is designed for the MXT500. Radios aren’t included with these items, so you will must buy these individually.

As you’ll be able to see within the pictures above, the laser-engraved panels inside these moveable base stations present helpful reference information, together with menu flowcharts, channel and repeater frequencies, and a quick-reference information for the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Each of those MXPW items embody rechargeable LiFePo4 batteries, that are stated to solely lose 2% cost per 30 days when not in use. This makes them well-suited to long-term storage for emergencies. For off-grid charging, Midland may even provide the MXPW01 40-Watt Foldable Photo voltaic Panel for a further $150 MSRP.

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