New Zealand SAS – First Among Equals Part 1

The selection criteria to join the NZSAS, you must be a member of the New Zealand Army, Navy, or Air Force.

Personnel must successfully pass 5 days on pre-selection and 10 days the selection course proper. The course is held in Waiouru which is known for it’s ardous terrain and uncompromising weather.

On the fifth day of selection course the notorious ‘Exercise Von Tempsky’ is conducted, which consists of 24 hours of marching in either a swamp or sand dunes while carrying rifles and alternately one or two 20-litre jerry cans and a 35kg Alice Pack.

The final day is a 60-kilometre endurance march, carrying a 35kg Alice Pack, web gear and rifle and must be completed in under 20 hours.

The Officers undergo an additional 2 days of selection to test for the their suitability to lead the SAS Troopers.

Even if candidates make it through the selection course, they must pass psychological, medical and academic tests (plus others) to be chosen for the nine month NZSAS Training Cycle.