Oleg Zhdanov: There’s a possibilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to liberate two areas earlier than winter

Nicely-known navy knowledgeable Oleg Zhdanov considers it real looking to liberate Kherson and Zaporizhzhia areas from Russian invaders earlier than winter.

He expressed his opinion on this matter on the YouTube channel.

In fact, it’s real looking. It’s real looking to complete the lively section of the conflict earlier than winter. Every thing will rely on the availability of weapons, how a lot they may give us

Oleg Zhdanov

Kherson. Explosion.

If the armament is available in a whole lot of items and may have a number of hundred artillery, a tank, armored autos … Then sure, I feel we will really type a brand new military with Western weapons, educated in keeping with Western strategies and begin a counter-offensive operation

Oleg Zhdanov


He’s certain that the Kherson area would be the first to be liberated:

Judging by the scenario on the entrance, the scenario is growing in our favor.

Oleg Zhdanov

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