Russia is utilizing Iran’s 122mm HE FRAG rockets for its BM 21 Grad MRLS

When a barrage of 122mm rockets from the BM-21 Grad MLRS strikes, there might be loud bangs, the earth trembles as fiery eruptions mild the sky. These rockets explode and ship out sharp items, inflicting a number of injury. Timber lose their leaves, buildings crumble, and holes seem within the floor. A thick cloud of smoke and dirt hangs closely within the air, making respiration troublesome. For these caught within the midst of this maelstrom, there’s little refuge. This can be a panorama perpetually altered by the fury of the 122mm HE-FRAG rockets, leaving an indelible mark on the reminiscence of all who witness it. Given this devastating affect, the surprising actuality unveiled: Russia is using Iranian-made 122mm HE-FRAG rockets in its BM-21 Grad A number of Launch Rocket System or MLRS. This revelation is of explicit significance within the context of the continued battle in Ukraine. However what capabilities do the 122mm HE-FRAG rockets and the BM-21 Grad MLRS deliver to the fashionable battlefield, and the way may they reshape the dynamics of battle?

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