Russian S-350’s launchpad misplaced in historic mine blast mishap

Proof has surfaced displaying a group of Russian troopers within the briefly occupied zone of the Luhansk area [Ukraine], shedding a launch pad for the unusual S-350 Vityaz air protection system. Nonetheless, the precise circumstances and time of this occasion stay unsure. 

Photograph credit score: Telegram

One factor that’s definitively clear is that the anti-aircraft missiles related to the launchers didn’t explode; they look like in operational situation. 

It’s price noting how uncommon this occasion is. The occasion of an anti-aircraft missile system exploding resulting from a mine in a Russian-controlled space is extraordinary, with no comparable cases being publicly reported. It’s protected to say that the Russian army is likely to be the primary ever to lose a missile system launch pad due to a mine explosion, particularly given the rarity of this Russian weaponry.

S-350 Vityaz in Ukraine

The S-350 Vityaz, a Russian air protection system, was formally inducted into service in 2020. Primarily based on the knowledge made accessible from public sources, by 2022, solely six launchers of this complicated had been built-in into the Russian military. 

After 2022, we’ve famous the Russian S-350 “Vityaz” making a notable look in 4 key cases. The preliminary sighting transpired in August 2022 when the system was seen on the Taganrog airport, which is the station for Su-25SM3s

After arming with the S-400s, the Russian MoD has received a new S-350 anti-aircraft missile system
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In June 2023, it was strategically deployed by the Russians to make sure the safety of the PMEF occasion in St. Petersburg. We noticed the primary casualty of the Russian S-350 in December 2023, when a Nationwide Guard FPV drone struck it close to the entrance line. The fourth incident appears to narrate to the one involving the detonated mine that we’re presently discussing.

S-350 Vityaz

Welcome to the world of S-350 Vityaz, a cutting-edge, medium-range, surface-to-air missile system, ingeniously conceptualized by the specialists at Almaz-Antey, a main protection company in Russia. It’s particularly designed with a mission: to intercept and destroy a various array of aerial threats, which incorporates plane, helicopters, cruise missiles, and even drones with putting effectivity. 

The S-350 Vityaz isn’t a solitary participant. It’s an intricate powerhouse, constructed round three principal elements – the 50R6 command and management car, the strategic 50K6E command put up, and the important 50P6 transporter erector launcher. 

No operator: S-350 Vityaz 'killed' MiG-29 in fully autopilot mode
Photograph credit score: Wikipedia

Let’s delve into the main points. The 50R6 command and management car is the mind of the operation, entrusted with managing the battlefield and distributing targets. Then we’ve the 50K6E command put up, which serves because the nerve middle controlling your complete system. Final however actually not least is the 50P6 transporter erector launcher, the precise brawn of the operation, showcasing its may when launching the missile.

The Armament of the S-350

When discussing the 9M96E and 9M96E2 missiles, it’s clear they show distinctive maneuverability and possess the capability to lock onto and interact targets as much as an astounding 120 kilometers away, reaching a hovering altitude of 30 kilometers. The 9M96E missile boasts a outstanding 60-kilometer vary, whereas its counterpart, the 9M96E2 missile, takes issues a notch larger with a formidable vary of 120 kilometers. 

No operator: S-350 Vityaz 'killed' MiG-29 in fully autopilot mode
Photograph credit score: ainonline

Acknowledging its phenomenal capabilities, the S-350 Vityaz presents an operational vary that’s nothing in need of extraordinary. It has the competency to trace and interact as many as 16 targets concurrently whereas deploying an astonishing 12 missiles on the similar time. This outstanding multi-tasking potential classifies it as a strong and potent air protection system, primed to offer safety towards a broad spectrum of air threats.

How does it work?

The S-350 Vityaz operates by using its superior radar system to determine, monitor, and deal with targets. Its radar system stands out for its multi-mode performance, permitting for a seamless transition between various menace sorts and conditions. As soon as a menace is detected, it springs into motion, swiftly launching a missile to intercept and annihilate the goal. 

When in comparison with its predecessors within the realm of air protection programs, the S-350 Vityaz is a important improve. It’s notable for its improved efficiency, versatility, and long-lasting capabilities. Contemplating its superior functionalities, the Vityaz firmly secures its place as a essential a part of trendy air protection.

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On February 21, 2022, Russia said that its border facility was attacked by Ukrainian forces, ensuing within the deaths of 5 Ukrainian fighters. Nonetheless, Ukraine rapidly dismissed these allegations, labeling them as ‘false flags’.

S-350 Vityaz systems will make Russian air defense impenetrable for US missiles
Photograph credit score: Wikipedia

In a notable transfer on the identical day, Russia introduced it formally acknowledged the self-proclaimed areas of DPR and LPR. Curiously, in line with Russian President Putin, this recognition lined all of the Ukrainian areas. Following this declaration, Putin despatched a battalion of Russia’s army forces, tanks included, into these areas.

Quick ahead to February 24, 2022, world headlines had been dominated by a important incident. Putin commanded a forceful army assault on Ukraine. Led by Russia’s spectacular Armed Forces positioned on the Ukrainian border, this assault wasn’t spontaneous however a premeditated motion. Regardless of the circumstances resembling a conflict, the Russian authorities refrains from utilizing this time period. They’d quite check with it as a “particular army operation”.


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