Selecting a Mounted Blade Survival Knife: Half 3

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Now that we’ve got a grasp on what makes an excellent (or not so good) survival knife, we’re confronted with selecting one.  This generally is a problem as there are such a lot of potentialities on the market, some excellent, some terrible, and a large spectrum in between.

Selecting a Mounted Blade Survival Knife

There are two main approaches, each of which have their advantages and difficulties.  A method is to exit to “the place the knives are” and see what appeals to you.

This has the profit which you could inform instantly what “feels proper” and what “doesn’t work” for you.  The down aspect is lack of know-how.  Look and really feel are essential within the selection of a knife, however what you’ll be able to’t see or really feel might transform extra essential.

Moreover, is the value an excellent worth or are you being “ripped off”?  So the opposite possibility is to analysis the sphere, collect information, and provide you with some potentialities to look out for the “appear and feel” check, and to have the ability to cut price successfully.

Right here the issue is you’ll be able to solely discover out what you will discover out.  You could expertise that half your information seems to be fashions that are undesirable in particular person.

And over there within the nook, is the “excellent” knife you do not even contemplate as a result of it didn’t flip up in your analysis.  There’s really a “third” strategy, the place you search in particular person, then analysis these which appealed, then try to accumulate the “winner”.

That is efficient, however leaves you open to lacking out on “one time” alternatives.

Different Knife Sorts

When looking for knives, it’s doubtless you’ll encounter knives that don’t match into both the bush or subject class.  Within the earlier components of this text, we identified the deficiencies of knives shorter than 4″ and longer than 12″.

Three widespread bushknives Mounted Blade Survival Knife.

When looking for knives, you’re additionally more likely to run into very good knives 6″ to 9″ lengthy.  Remember that these could also be a bit huge for bush knife duties, and never nearly as good at chopping as a subject knife.

This doesn’t imply you have to reject a knife that’s neither subject nor bush out of hand; simply concentrate on the downsides of such a selection.


Each knife has 4 costs.  There’s the “listing” worth, which the producer units and which is usually simple to search out out.  It’s primarily a information to the place within the product spectrum the producer thinks (or needs) the knife to exist.

Then there may be the “avenue” worth, which is what you’ll be able to really get it for, and is essentially set by provide and demand.  That is often lower than listing worth, however sometimes it’s listing worth, or for one thing which is in nice demand and restricted provide, increased than listing worth.

You possibly can typically discover a vary of values for this by various sellers, native and on-line; the extra rigorous your search and the extra affected person you’re, the extra doubtless you will discover the bottom model of this.  Subsequent is the “intrinsic worth”.

That is what the knife is basically “value”, and it’s based mostly on the price of design, supplies, labor, and bills to make and ship the knife.  It’s doubtless you can’t discover out what that is; simply remember that often no person will promote you a knife for intrinsic worth.

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Typically, the promoting worth contains some or all of  “branding” (a price based mostly on the identify model), “hype” (further value imposed to revenue from some function of imaginary worth), promoting (bills concerned in getting individuals prepared to purchase) and “revenue” (for everybody who was concerned in making and promoting the knife to you).

Since there may be basically no technique to know the intrinsic worth, make an effort to keep away from the issues that inflate the knife’s value considerably.  An excellent model identify is value one thing, but it surely will not butcher your hog.

In the event you discover a model whose costs appear a lot increased than one other model with comparable merchandise, they could be charging “an excessive amount of” for the identify.  In the event you see a bunch of flashy advertisements, it’s doubtless the value contains a big chunk to pay for that promoting.

Hype will not be an element, because the options described in these articles are fairly commonplace and basic.  Lastly, having the fewest attainable organizations between you and the producer retains the quantity of revenue paid below management.

Typically, your greatest worth might be from an impartial seller, with minimal bills, who purchased immediately from the producer.

However that’s solely three costs.  The final, and most essential worth is the “sensible” worth, or what it’s value to you, modified by what you’ll be able to afford.  This, solely you’ll be able to specify.

A knife that matches you want a glove and does every part you can need it to can be value extra to you than a knife that matches okay and can do a lot of what you need it to.

But when you do not have sufficient cash for a greater knife, shopping for it could do you extra hurt than good.

If the mortgage does not receives a commission, or you do not have meals on the desk, or you do not have sufficient left for different essential survival gear, that “excellent” knife might trigger extra issues than it’ll remedy.  An excellent high quality, sufficient knife which you could afford could also be a better option.


Simply to point out you what you’re up towards, I did a fast test on what appears to be obtainable.  Notice that simply because a knife seems on this listing, it isn’t essentially a sensible choice for survival.

The one standards for inclusion have been 1) the blade size was acceptable, and a couple of) the image “appeared like” it may be good for survival utilization.

The knife might nicely NOT be a sensible choice upon additional analysis; as an example, there was one very good wanting subject knife that didn’t make it on this listing as a result of the blade thickness was listed proper subsequent to the size, and I simply occurred to notice that it was solely .1″ thick; unacceptable in a subject knife.

Then again, simply because a knife is NOT on this listing doesn’t imply it might not be a wonderful survival knife.

I actually didn’t discover each knife producer, and even for these I did discover, I’ll have missed an appropriate mannequin or ignored the corporate as a consequence of excessive worth (reminiscent of Puma, whose U.S. web site supplied its fashions within the $400 to $1400 vary; it might be cheaper to import them from Germany)  A number of the internet sites had ineffectual search or filter mechanisms, which implies I needed to scroll by way of pages of images in the hunt for doubtless wanting ones, and a few producers use the identical title for broadly differing knives, so I’ll have included a title which has some fashions not appropriate, or left off a title which does have an appropriate mannequin.

So take this listing with a number of grains of salt, speak with associates to see what they suggest, go to shops and reveals,  and search on-line for opinions and feedback.

Doable Bush Knives

  • Benchmade
    • Bushcrafter
    • Nimravus
    • Saddle Mountain Skinner
    • Saddle Mountain Skinner with Hook
    • (subject) HK Feint
    • (subject) Jungle Bolo
  • BokerArbolito Buffalo Scout
    • Arbolito Buffalo Scout
    • Magnum Elk Hunter
  • Browning
  • Buck
    • Buck/Hood Punk
    • (subject) Buck/Hood Hoodlum
  • Camillus
    • CK-9
    • Les Stroud Fuerza Massive
  • CKRT
  • Chilly Metal
    • Grasp Hunter
    • Grasp Hunter Plus
    • 3V Grasp Hunter
    • SRK
    • SRK VG1
    • SRK San Mai III1
    • (subject) Trailmaster
    • (subject) Gurka Kukri
    • (subject) Gurka Kukri Plus
  • Doug Ritter
  • ESEE
    • ESEE-4
    • ESEE-5
    • Laser Strike
    • (subject) Junglas
  • Fallkniven
  • Gerber
    • Bear Grylls Final Professional
    • Huge Rock
    • Freeman
    • Gator
  • Ka-Bar
    • Becker BK-2 (Companion)
    • Becker BK-10 (Crewman)
    • Becker BK-16 (Quick Drop Level)
    • (subject) Becker BK-9 (Fight Bowie)
    • (subject) Becker BK-4 (Machax)
  • Kershaw
  • Extra
    • Bushcraft
    • Companion Heavy Responsibility
  • Ontario
    • Afghan
    • RAT 5
    • TAK 1
    • (subject) RTAK 2
    • (subject) SP 50
  • Schrade
    • Excessive Survival
    • Frontier
  • SOG
    • Aura Hunt
    • Discipline Pup II
    • Pressure
    • NW Ranger
  • Spyderco
    • Bushcraft
    • Serrata
    • Temperance 2
  • TOPS
    • Cochise
    • H.O.G. 4.51
    • Idaho Hunter
    • Onpoint Tactical
    • Viper Scout
    • Wilderness Information
    • (subject) Energy Eagle 12

Knife opinions

These could be very useful in evaluating the “unseen” features of knives.  Producers and sellers of knives typically have opinions on their websites which could be helpful.  Be mindful the likelihood that such opinions could be “slanted”.

There are a variety of different opinions on the web, each written and video.  Do searches for the fashions you have an interest in.  And keep tuned to Survival Life, for particular person knife opinions from me and different bloggers right here.

Remember the fact that in each case, a evaluation is the OPINION of the particular person or individuals doing the evaluation, which can or will not be related to YOUR actuality.  It’s best to take a number of opinions and “common” them to get a more true view than you may get from only one evaluation.


The ultimate facet of selecting a knife relies on you; that’s the way it suits you.  Your hand may be very doubtless completely different from the hand of the particular person subsequent to you, and a knife that works nicely for you could not work as nicely for them, and vice versa.

You could be sure that your knife suits you.  Whether it is “too small”, you will not be capable to maintain it comfortably and securely, and this may imply you will not be capable to use it as successfully.

Whether it is “too huge” or the “improper form”, once more, it will not be comfy, safe, and/or successfully useable.

If the grip is just about straight, and lengthy sufficient on your hand, the precise size is much less vital.  Nevertheless, if there’s a guard on the entrance and a “hook” on the pommel finish, now you’ve gotten a particular size that should match the width of your hand.

If the grip is contoured, then the contours should match up together with your hand.  And the thickness of the grip must be acceptable for the size of your hand.

The easier the grip, the extra common it’ll are usually.  The extra “customized” the grip, the higher or worse it may be for you.

Grip types

When speaking about match when holding a knife, we want to concentrate on HOW the knife is being held.  There isn’t a “proper” technique to maintain a knife, however there are “acceptable” methods maintain it for every explicit utilization.  Grip types to be aware of are:

Hammer grip – The knife edge is going through away from the palm, and the fingers are wrapped across the grip as in case you have been holding a hammer.  That is typically used for chopping duties.

It’s instinctive, highly effective and safe, however not overly versatile and should not present most management.

Choosing a Fixed Blade Survival Knife: Part 3 by Survival Life at

The hammer Mounted Blade Survival Knife grip.

Saber grip – That is just like the hammer grip, however as an alternative of being wrapped across the grip, the thumb is on the again finish of the backbone, or on the grip behind the higher guard.

That is used for a lot of duties which require the energy and/or steering the thumb can present; it’s most popular by some knife combating types.  It’s extra versatile than the hammer grip, however much less safe.

Choosing a Fixed Blade Survival Knife: Part 3 by Survival Life at

The saber Mounted Blade Survival Knife grip.

Filipino grip – That is just like the saber grip, besides the thumb is way additional out alongside the blade.  That is typically not sensible if there may be an higher guard, and is used for nice management throughout some slicing duties.

Choosing a Fixed Blade Survival Knife: Part 3 by Survival Life at

The Filipino Mounted Blade Survival Knife  grip.

Choke grip – That is precisely just like the hammer or saber/Filipino grip, relying on the place you set your thumb, besides the hand is moved ahead so the forefinger is in entrance of the guard.  It requires the knife to have a finger choil, and is used for management of precision slicing duties.

Choosing a Fixed Blade Survival Knife: Part 3 by Survival Life at

The choke Mounted Blade Survival Knife grip.

Sideways grip – Typically known as the “modified saber grip”, that is just like the saber grip, however with the knife rotated 90 levels inward (clockwise for the appropriate hand, counterclockwise for the left hand).

It’s a slashing grip, good for duties like harvesting grass or grain and most popular by some combating types.  It’s not a very safe grip, however it’s pretty versatile.

In an effort to scale back the possibility of the hand slipping ahead onto the blade when stabbing, see in case you can nestle the pommel into the palm of your hand by holding it a bit additional again.

Choosing a Fixed Blade Survival Knife: Part 3 by Survival Life at

The sideways Mounted Blade Survival Knife grip.

The other way up, “FGEU” or “draw” grip – That is the hammer grip, with the blade rotated 180 levels so it’s going through the palm, technically known as a Ahead Grip, Edge Up.

This grip is used while you wish to pull the knife in direction of you or upwards moderately than the extra standard pushing it away or downwards.  Because the blade is going through in direction of you, this grip must be used with warning, as a slip may end up in you slicing your self.

Choosing a Fixed Blade Survival Knife: Part 3 by Survival Life at

The the wrong way up Mounted Blade Survival Knife grip.

Reverse, “RGEO” or “ice choose” grip –  That is the hammer grip, however with the blade extending downwards from the hand moderately than the conventional upwards, technically known as a Reverse Grip, Edge Out.

The sting remains to be going through away from the palm.  That is primarily a “stabbing”  grip, and is usually not used for a lot aside from sure types of combating.

A variation of that is to maneuver the thumb over the top of the pommel to provide stabbing actions a bit extra oomph.

Choosing a Fixed Blade Survival Knife: Part 3 by Survival Life at

The reverse Mounted Blade Survival Knife grip.

Ensure that the knife suits you nicely utilizing all of those grip types which can be acceptable for the knife you’re evaluating.

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