Su-35S picked up S-300 radar beam and the goal disappeared

In a current communication, the Russian Federation’s Protection Ministry introduced that a Su-35S pilot, whereas on a mission to offer escort to a group of bombers heading towards Kupyansk, picked up radar indicators from a territory held by the opponent. 

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The pilot responded swiftly by launching an air-to-surface missile on the detected supply. Following the missile strike, the radar emissions from the goal ceased and weren’t detected additional through the continuation of the pilot’s mission. Upon evaluation from intelligence stories, the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system belonging to the Ukrainian armed forces is confirmed to have been hit. 

Su-35S Pilot ‘Ivan’ shared his expertise: “Our mission was to offer air cowl to our bombers. Throughout our fight course, I picked up a radar sign from the enemy’s anti-aircraft missile system. I reported it to the command publish and instantly launched an air-to-surface missile. Our bombers accomplished their mission efficiently and returned safely to the departure airport, prepared for brand spanking new duties. We realized our efforts weren’t in useless. Put up-flight intelligence and goal management information corroborated the destruction of the S-300 ‘Favorite’ anti-aircraft missile system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We’re on the facet of justice—victory is certain to be ours!”

How did 'war reserve' mode make Soviet S-300 stealthy to US F-35?
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The radar beam of the S-300

The S-300 system, developed by the Soviet Union, is a long-range, surface-to-air missile system. It’s primarily designed for protection towards plane and cruise missiles. A essential part of its operation is the radar radiation that the S-300 system emits. 

This artillery piece makes use of radar to detect, monitor, and interact targets. How does it work? Effectively, the radar discharges radio waves that bounce off potential targets. These mirrored indicators then return to the radar system, offering important details about the goal’s location, pace, and course. 

Greece has Soviet S-300, but will not be sanctioned, the US said
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Apparently, the radar radiation from the S-300 system operates in varied bands. These embrace the X-band used for fireplace management radars and the L-band utilized for surveillance and acquisition radars. These particular bands strike a stability between decision—the power to differentiate between two intently spaced targets—and detection vary. The radar system’s functionality goes additional. It may well monitor a number of targets concurrently and information quite a few missiles to totally different targets on the similar time.

EW vs S-300 radar radiation

Fighter jets can intercept the radar radiation from the S-300 system utilizing digital warfare techniques. These techniques are designed to detect, interpret, and reply to radar indicators. They’ll establish the kind of radar system primarily based on the traits of the radar sign, corresponding to its frequency, pulse width, and repetition price. 

Su-34s yesterday, Su-35s today, RuAF expects new Su-57s within days
Photograph credit score: UAC

One technique fighter jets use to intercept radar radiation is radar jamming. This method includes transmitting radio indicators that intervene with the radar’s operation, making it troublesome for the radar to detect and monitor the plane. The jamming indicators might be both noise jamming, which entails transmitting a big selection of frequencies to confuse the radar, or deception jamming, which includes transmitting indicators that mimic the radar’s echo, thus creating false targets. 

One other technique is radar spoofing, the place the plane transmits indicators that dupe the radar into pondering that the plane is situated some place else. This may be achieved both by delaying the return of the radar sign, making the plane seem additional away or by amplifying the return sign, making the plane seem bigger and nearer. 

Watch: Russian kamikaze drone hit Ukrainian S-300 air-defense system
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Fighter jets may use radar warning receivers, which alert the pilot when the plane is being focused by radar. This notification offers the pilot time to take evasive motion, corresponding to altering course or altitude or deploying countermeasures like chaff – small items of reflective materials that create a cloud of false targets, thereby confounding the radar.

The S-300 can counter

Nevertheless, the S-300 system is designed to counter these techniques. It employs frequency hopping, altering its working frequency in a random or pseudo-random sequence, to keep away from jamming. It additionally makes use of superior sign processing methods to distinguish between actual targets and false targets produced by deception jamming or chaff. 

Regardless of these countermeasures, the efficacy of the S-300 system hinges on the experience and expertise of the operators, the efficiency of the radar and missile techniques, and the techniques and countermeasures employed by the opposing forces. Subsequently, whereas the S-300 system presents itself as a vital adversary, it’s not impervious.

Russian Air and Space Forces (VKS) received a new batch of Su-35S
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2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On February 21, 2022, Russia said that its border facility was attacked by Ukrainian forces, ensuing within the deaths of 5 Ukrainian fighters. Nevertheless, Ukraine shortly dismissed these allegations, labeling them as ‘false flags’.

In a notable transfer on the identical day, Russia introduced it formally acknowledged the self-proclaimed areas of DPR and LPR. Apparently, in keeping with Russian President Putin, this recognition lined all of the Ukrainian areas. Following this declaration, Putin despatched a battalion of Russia’s army forces, tanks included, into these areas.

Russia located S-300 'Country Air Defense' near the Gulf of Finland
Photograph credit score: AFP

Quick ahead to February 24, 2022, world headlines have been dominated by a vital incident. Putin commanded a forceful army assault on Ukraine. Led by Russia’s spectacular Armed Forces positioned on the Ukrainian border, this assault wasn’t spontaneous however a premeditated motion. Regardless of the circumstances resembling a struggle, the Russian authorities refrains from utilizing this time period. They’d moderately seek advice from it as a “particular army operation”.


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