The Impact, Accuracy & Trajectory Of Excessive Caliber AA Tracers Used For Direct Fireplace Help

Video footage captured in Syria exhibits the impact, accuracy and trajectory of a typical excessive caliber anti-air tracers used for direct hearth assist towards mounted floor positions.

The weapon system that was mounted on a pickup truck and has been utilized in some type of shoot-and-scoot tactic seems to be a ZU-23 23 mm anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon.

ZU stands for Zenitnaya Ustanovka (Russian: Зенитная Установка) – anti-aircraft mount.

The ZU-23-2 (2A13) mounts two 23 mm autocannons on a small trailer which could be transformed right into a stationary mount for firing the weapons. Whereas on this place the wheels are moved apart. The autocannon could be ready for firing from the march place in 30 seconds and in emergency could be fired from the touring place. The weapon is aimed and fired manually, with the assistance of the ZAP-23 optical-mechanical sight which makes use of manually entered goal knowledge to offer restricted computerized aiming. It additionally has a straight-tube telescope T-3 to be used towards floor targets resembling infantry in addition to unarmored or evenly armoured automobiles. The ammo is fed by a conveyor belt from two ammunition bins. Every of the ammunition bins is situated on the aspect of the dual autocannon and every carries 50 rounds. The fumes created by firing the weapon are partially eliminated by way of the aspect openings within the barrels.

Usually, as soon as every barrel has fired 100 rounds it turns into too sizzling and is due to this fact changed with a spare barrel. Every weapon is generally supplied with two substitute barrels as a part of its normal gear. Tulamashzavod Joint Inventory Firm is providing to improve the 2A14 weapons to the 2A14M normal with a barrel lifetime of 10,000 rounds as an alternative of 8,000 rounds.

The cannon carriage relies on the sooner ZPU-2 anti-aircraft twin heavy machine gun, which mounted two KPV 14.5 mm heavy machine weapons. ZU-23-2 could be recognized by completely different placement of the ammunition bins (at proper angles to the gun carriage) and by muzzle flash suppressors. In one other similarity to the ZPU sequence, single-barrel and four-barrel variations of the ZU-23 have been additionally developed. Nonetheless, these variations by no means entered service.

The ZU-23-2 could be towed by plenty of completely different automobiles. In USSR and later Russia essentially the most regularly used towing automobiles for it have been GAZ-66 4×4 vehicles and GAZ-69 4×4 gentle vehicles.

The ZU-23-2 first entered service with the Soviet Army in 1960. The gun is commonly mounted on vehicles to be used in each anti-aircraft and direct hearth assist roles. It may also be mounted on the roof of the MT-LB multi-purpose tracked APCs. A specifically modified three-legged ZU-23-2 autocannon is used as the bottom for the BTR-DG airborne SPAAG. Low-cost, straightforward to function and nonetheless efficient, the ZU-23-2 continues to be utilized by the Russian Army and by greater than 20 different armies.

Within the Soviet Union, some 140,000 items have been produced. The ZU-23 has additionally been produced underneath licence by Bulgaria, Poland, Egypt and the Individuals’s Republic of China.

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