This Is Why Kamikaze Drone Can By no means Beat Gepard Anti Plane

As winter approaches, Ukraine faces a looming risk: a brand new wave of drone assaults focusing on its power infrastructure, with Iranian-made Shahed-136 drones main on the forefront.

Since late 2022, Russia has been utilizing Kamikaze drones to evade Ukrainian defences and strike civilian targets, aiming to pressure Ukraine’s give up. These drones have inflicted substantial harm, leaving the Ukraine Air Pressure in a state of nice misery.

Nonetheless, the Ukrainian Air Pressure spokesperson Yurii Ihnat knowledgeable the media that the Ukrainian navy has successfully disabled greater than 540 Iranian kamikaze drones by the start of this yr, along with the 38 Shahed drones fired by Russia final August in the direction of Kyiv and the Black Sea port of Odessa. The comparatively obscure weapon, deemed to be extremely efficient in disabling these drones, is the German self-propelled anti-aircraft system referred to as “Gepard.”

In in the present day’s episode, we are going to discover why the Russian kamikaze drone failed when confronted by the Gepard. We will even briefly point out Russia’s current measures to counter Ukraine’s drone killer gun and challenges Ukraine faces regarding the Gepard.

So, make sure to watch it by and share your ideas on the finish of the session.

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