US Army Testing A Hydrogen Powered Monster Truck – Chevrolet Colorado ZH2

The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 is a hybrid army car, that includes a jet propellant or JP-8 diesel-powered unmanned floor car pushed by a strong oxide gas cell. A car like this would possibly relieve among the load on dismounted troopers. That is primarily as a result of it eliminates the necessity to carry hefty batteries and offering quiet stealth. Additionally, that is to problem the truth that liquid hydrocarbon fuels’ power density and portability of the ZH2 have been essential points. Due to this fact, TARDEC contains a reformer that converts JP8 to hydrogen to fill the ten,000-pound per sq. inch ZH2 tanks. It powers tanks, autos, generators, and mills. These palletized reformers may additionally create gas for mounted gas cells, which may energy a distant army base. Moreover that, the Colorado ZH2 options an Exportable Energy Take-Off or EPTO unit, which permits the gas cell to energy exercise away from the car, resembling to distant areas the place electrical energy infrastructure is perhaps unavailable. The EPTO’s versatility is likely one of the attainable benefits that Army officers see in fuel-cell autos. Given this, you don’t have to fret the place the Army anticipates discovering bottled hydrogen on a battlefield.

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