What Is The Additional Safety That Ukrainian Abrams Tanks Get

About three months in the past, Ukraine acquired 31 American M1A1 Abrams tanks. These tanks, initially missing sure important options to adjust to export restrictions, are actually present process enhancements to bolster their degree of safety.

A U.S.-supplied M1A1 Abrams tank, now in service with Ukraine, appears to have been geared up with explosive reactive armor. Current video footage and pictures present the tank’s hull now that includes explosive-filled bricks, offering extra safety towards incoming anti-tank rounds and different weaponry.

The visuals of this upgraded M1A1 surfaced on completely different social media platforms on January 14, 2024. Nonetheless, there’s at present no unbiased verification to substantiate the precise location and date of the captured movies and pictures.

In line with consultants, the dynamic safety bricks are the primary era of Abrams Reactive Armor Tiles, referred to as ARAT.

From the accessible footage, it’s evident that ARAT dynamic safety items have been put in on a tank’s aprons, which generally cowl the hull. Surprisingly, these protecting components weren’t noticed in different important areas just like the entrance and facet extensions of the turret or the entrance of the hull, though these areas are designed to accommodate such safety. This setup mirrors the configuration of American M1A1SA Abrams tanks, the place reactive armor, like of their Ukrainian counterparts, isn’t present in areas apart from the facet aprons.

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