What’s an FNG within the Navy Throughout Vietnam Battle?

Of the jargon within the army, there may be the abbreviation “FNG.” It was generally used throughout the Vietnam Battle, so that you might need heard it in such movies.

However what’s an FNG within the army precisely?

FNG is brief for “Fucking New Man.” As implied, it’s the nickname for newcomers. Study extra in regards to the FNG army acronym utilized by U.S Vietnam troopers under.

All About Navy FNG


1. FNG Definition

As talked about briefly within the opening, FNG stands for “Fucking New Man.”

2. FNG Which means

Fucking New Man is a demeaning option to consult with a newcomer. This implication is that the FNG is a rookie with none expertise, and is, subsequently, ineffective. FNGs are instructed to do extra hurt than good.

Since new items joined the struggle in teams, the phrase FNG group was additionally well-liked.

Right here is an instance of FNG being utilized in a sentence, “Rattling, practically everybody right here is an FNG, we’ll absolutely be worn out on the subsequent OP!”

Within the eyes of Veteran warfare troops, new unit members have been a legal responsibility. They:

  • Had been homesick
  • Talked to loud
  • Made an excessive amount of noise whereas transferring
  • Didn’t know what to take to the bush
  • The way to put on gear correctly
  • Flake out on the best strikes
  • Fired an excessive amount of ammo
  • Struggled to answer fundamental fight instructions

FNGs have been handled as a non-person. It was frequent to be scorned and shunned. They have been even thought-about despicable and villainous.

To the soldier known as an FNG, it was a supply of psychological stress and burden. It was a relentless reminder to show their price. Working example: Earlier than you [the soldier] exhibit your worth, you’re only a three-letter abbreviation.

Being poorly handled (routinely) as an FNG was a psychological toll on troops. The consequence was a excessive variety of psychiatric casualties. These days, Army psychiatrists consult with it because the FNG syndrome.

Take heed to Vietnam Battle vets discuss their expertise as an FNG on this video right here.

3. FNG Functions

It was utilized by the present items of Vietnam Battle American troopers to handle new recruits.

Apart from combatant troops, the time period was utilized by Army and Marine chaplains and medics. So, immediately, we regularly hear of FNG Army or FNG Marine collectively.

This was as a result of, throughout the struggle, all items had an FNG. FNG was broadly used throughout all varieties of items, and you’ll hear it on the entrance traces in addition to backstage.

In truth, it slipped from the tongues of Vietnam Battle troops so simply that immediately, we glance again at it because the FNG syndrome or FNG phenomenon.

FNG (and the remedy of individuals dubbed one) performed an enormous function within the distinct group dynamic of the U.S Vietnam Battle items. There was a line drawn between those that had skilled the struggle terror (“us”) and those that had not (“them”).

4. FNG Origin


In accordance with Wikipedia, the FNG syndrome or phenomenon began from the U.S army coverage for particular person rotation throughout the Vietnam Battle. Particular person troops have been rotated out and in with already deployed items in Vietnam in excursions lasting 12 months.

This differed from earlier American wars; items have all the time been sustained and deployed as an entire and solely as soon as.

In addition to in Southeast Asia, on the time, the US needed to preserve a big troop presence in Western Europe and South Korea due to the Chilly Battle.

And the Johnson administration didn’t have the political capital wanted to name up the Reserves and Nationwide Guard or request congressional approval to elongate the excursions of draftees to over 24 months. Therefore, the unit-based technique was changed by the person rotation coverage.

5. FNG Utilization

In the present day, the time period remains to be used within the U.S army, legislation enforcement, wildland firefighters, technical trades with ex-military members, and even the Canadian army.

A well-liked reference to the time period is the primary post-Apollo astronaut group (NASA Astronaut Group 8)’s self-given nickname “TFNG.” This was quick for “Thirty-5 New Guys.”

Within the Media


On this 1986 movie by Oliver Stone, the abbreviation FNG is talked about a number of instances by way of the depiction of the experiences of Personal Chris Taylor (performed by Charlie Sheen) throughout the Vietnam struggle.

Full Metallic Jacket

FNG popped up just a few instances on this Stanley Kubric movie revolving round Personal Joker (performed by Matthew Modine) and his new recruits in fundamental coaching and deployment into the Vietnam Battle’s 1968 Tet Offensive.

Doom 3

The principle character in Doom 3 holds the F.N.G rank after arriving at MArs Metropolis.

Technology Kill

Within the “Get Some” episode of this HBO sequence, the character Lance Cpl. Trombley is known as the FNG by fellow marines as a result of he wore his Boonie hat after darkish.

In Literature

The Seaside

FNG was talked about on this backpacker novel by Alex Garland. And the time period was launched into well-liked tradition when it was made into a movie of the identical title in 2002.

In Video Video games

Name of Responsibility 4

“F.N.G” is the identify of the primary degree within the online game “Name of Responsibility 4.” Once you tune in, one of many troopers introduces the gamers to the squad commander and says, “It’s the FNG, sir.”


Often Requested Questions (FAQs)


What’s FNG in Forrest Gump?

The FNG talked about in Forrest Gump is identical FNG utilized by Vietnam Battle troops. Within the movie, the character performed by Tom Hanks and his finest good friend are known as FNGs by their officer in command once they first come to Vietnam.

Why was Charlie in Vietnam?

Charlie is one other time period used to consult with a “sort” of individuals throughout the Vietnam Battle. It got here from the GI shorthand for Victor Charlie, which was shortened to VC and used to name the Viet Cong.

Finally, VC was modified to Charlie and the identify caught. You’ll be able to study extra about this time period in our article “What does Charlie Imply within the Navy.”

What does FNG imply in Apex?

FNG Apex was a scorching matter in 2020.

Initially of Chapter 9 within the Apex Legends’ Damaged Ghost quest, the character Bangalore says, “This time, I used to be the FNG.”

It was in response to her act of gifting away character Loba’s place, which ends up in her ultimate confrontation with the character Revenant.

Right here, Bangalore alludes to the FNG abbreviation used throughout the Vietnam Battle. Basically, she calls herself a noob!


Now, you understand the reply to, “What’s an FNG within the army?” FNG is brief for Fucking New Man, an abbreviation utilized by American troops throughout the Vietnam Battle because of the person rotation coverage.

Being referred to as an FNG just isn’t enjoyable. It’s a hurtful time period that causes stress. As such, it triggered many psychiatric casualties. Army psychiatrists these days name it the FNG syndrome.

In the present day, it’s nonetheless utilized in military-related professions and referenced in army content material like movies, books, and video video games.

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