What’s the accuracy of Iskander missiles

Russia possesses the most important and most various nuclear missile power globally, inherited from the Soviet period. All through its battle with Ukraine, Russia has successfully deployed numerous missile programs, together with ballistic and cruise missiles. Amongst these, the 9K720 Iskander stands out for its pace and accuracy, typically proving to be a potent weapon on the battlefield.

One notable occasion of the Iskander missile’s effectiveness was seen final 12 months when the Russian army launched a brand new tactic. They fired Iskander missiles a number of instances on the similar goal, shocking the Ukrainian forces and inflicting important harm. This tactic was doable as a result of Iskander missiles can launch two missiles from a single automobile, enhancing their firepower significantly.
Russia’s heavy reliance on this missile actually reveals how a lot religion they’ve in its skills. It leaves us questioning simply how correct it’s, and is it actually that formidable?

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