Why Airplanes Fly On A Curved Path

Have you ever ever flown someplace and see the inflight map displaying the curved route your airplane was taking? You may marvel why would the aircraft took the seemingly longer pathway to achieve the vacation spot, as a substitute of flying a straight line from the departing level to the destined airport you will land. So, what’s the cause behind this?
Whats up everybody, welcome again to a different episode of Navy TV. In right now’s session, we’re going to talk about why do airplanes take a curved path when flying. So sit again and preserve watching this video ‘until the top.
Surprisingly, the explanations behind the phenomenon of curved path are comparatively easy physics and arithmetic. The earth is a three-dimensional sphere, and due to the spherical form, the circumference of the Earth is far larger across the equator than it’s in increased or decrease latitudes in direction of the poles. Whereas we are inclined to recreate a flat map to signify the Earth, it doesn’t replicate on the true situation of the planet. That’s why when looking at a 2-dimensional map, the route taken by flights might be perplexing, because it doesn’t bear in mind the spherical form of the Earth.

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