Why the US and South Korea Don’t Invade North Korea | Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

Why the US and South Korea Don’t Invade North Korea – Within the aftermath of World Warfare II, the Korean Peninsula was divided into two sides: the North and the South. With backing from China and the USSR, communist North Korea invaded US-backed South Korea in 1950, triggering the Korean Warfare. After three years of intense fight, an armistice was declared, with the thirty eighth Parallel serving (roughly) because the border between the 2 sides. A 2.5-mile-wide strip of land, referred to as the demilitarized zone (DMZ), serves as a impartial buffer zone. On both aspect of this DMZ, each North and South Korea have a large power prepared to answer any provocations — the DMZ is the world’s most closely militarized and harmful border. For the reason that armistice was not a peace settlement, the 2 Koreas are nonetheless technically at warfare, and each from time to time a quick conflict breaks out.
Ever because the mid-Nineteen Seventies, the economic system of South Korea has vastly outperformed that of the North. Whereas South Korea is now a capitalist financial powerhouse, North Korea has retained its staggeringly inefficient centrally-planned economic system, which has stagnated for many years. Moreover, China’s transition to a extra liberal type of governance mixed with the collapse of the USSR has disadvantaged North Korea of sturdy allies, so the North has difficulties exporting its few merchandise and importing very important items. Moreover, the repressive Kim regime retains strict management over the nation, regulating the motion of individuals, the content material of media, and even residents’ personal conversations. Arbitrary executions, famines, and excessive poverty are just some of the ills endured by many North Korean residents.

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