British Special Air Service and World Special Forces

An older documentary that talks about the British special Air Service or simply called “The Regiment’, from it’s inception. Narrated by Andy McNab (Bravo Two Zero).

Discover What makes an SAS special forces soldier? What makes him risk his life? Special forces will always be involved in conflict.The Risk of life as an SAS trooper is great, find out what motivates him to belong to such and elite unit.

The documentary talks about the SAS as well as other special forces units around the world.

The SAS who were originally used as a force multiplier in World War II by jumping behind enemy lines in small groups to wreck havoc on airfields, bridges and supply routes to the modern day counter terrorism operations.

The SAS do not look for the ‘Gung Ho’ type soldier, they look for a trooper that is fit, healthy and has a level headed approach. they must be able to act under pressure and autonomously with out direct command.

The SAS receive many applicants each year, less than a handful usually make it. Each soldier has to cover ground and at pace whilst carrying a heavily weighted pack amongst arduous terrain. Unlike the SEALS a lot of the selection process is to be completed individually.

SAS Slection

SAS Slection