Navy SEALs BUDS Part 6 – The Home Stretch

Phase 3: Land Warfare – 7 weeks

The land warfare phase teaches the class basic weapons, demolitions, land navigation, patrolling, rappelling, marksmanship and small-unit tactics. During third phase, the class is taught to gather and process information that will complete the overall mission.

There is more classroom work that teaches map, compass, land navigation and basic weapon skill sets. These skill sets allow the class to transition from having novice skills to becoming more comfortable out in the field. Most of this training is new to the class, and the learning pace becomes faster and faster.

Third Phase SEALs Training

Third Phase SEALs Training

For the final three and a half weeks of training, the class goes offshore, about 60 miles from Coronado to San Clemente Island. On the island, the class practices the skills they learned in third phase.

The days become longer and more work intensive, set to mirror the work hours spent in the field.Many students view this as one of the hardest parts of training, as training is conducted seven days a week, with very minimal sleep, all while handling live explosives and ammunition. Interaction with instructors is also never ending, and punishments are at their harshest levels yet.

Source: Wikipedia

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