Philippines Army Scout Ranger Selection

From running in full kit in the extreme Philippine heat and falling with heat exhaustion and tested from the jump tower to see if any recruits have a fear of heights.

The Scout Rangers, known officially as the First Scout Ranger Regiment, is a Philippine Army Special Operations Command unit, and specializes in anti-guerilla warfare. The regiment has been boasted as one of the world’s best anti-guerilla fighters.

The Scout Ranger Regiment was born on November 25, 1950 under the command of former AFP Vice Chief of Staff and Defense Secretary Rafael M. Ileto.

Named after both the Alamo Scouts and the US Army Rangers, the unit was created due to a growing need to counter the Hukbalahap Guerrillas and its rebellion with a force trained in small unit actions.

Scout Rangers On Parade

Scout Rangers On Parade

Scout Rangers participated in the December 1989 coup attempt against the Corazon Aquino – Aquino Administration.Led by Captain Danilo Lim, Major Abraham Purugganan and Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Galvez, some 2500 rangers took over Makati in the most destructive coup attempt against the Aquino Administration, which left hundreds of civilians and soldiers dead, and hundreds more injured.

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