Navy SEALs Part 1 – Welcome To BUDS

83 men of Class 234 have been accepted into the training program that forms one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. A physically gruelling course is designed to weed out all but the toughest and most dedicated students.

BUD/S is a 6-month SEAL training course held at the Naval Special Warfare Training Centre in Coronado, CA. You’ll start with five weeks Indoctrination and Pre-Training as part of a Navy SEAL Class, then go through the Three Phases of BUD/S.

First Phase is the toughest. It consists of 8 weeks of Basic Conditioning that peaks with a gruelling segment called “Hell Week” at the midway point, where you’ll be tested to your limits.

Source: Navy SEALS

SEALS Doing Push Ups

SEALS Doing Push Ups

BUD/S INDOC is a three-week course that introduces candidates to Coronado, the Naval Special Warfare Centre and the BUD/S lifestyle. During INDOC, Navy SEAL instructors introduce candidates to BUD/S physical training, the obstacle course and other unique training aspects. This part of training is designed to prepare candidates for day one of the first phase.

Source: Wikipedia