Navy SEALs Part 2 – It Pays To Be A Winner

See how the candidates are going for class 234. The second day of Basic Under Water Demolitions day two is not looking any easier. of the 83 men who started only 77 remain. The challenge is the obstacle course and hitting the surf in their boat crews.

“The ocean can make cowards of us all”

BUD/S - Navy SEAL Training

BUD/S – Navy SEAL Training

BUD/S is a 24-week training challenge that develops the SEAL candidates’ mental and physical stamina and leadership skills. Each BUD/S phase includes timed physical condition tests, with the time requirements becoming more demanding each week. BUD/S consists of a three-week orientation followed by three phases, covering physical conditioning (seven weeks), combat diving (seven weeks), and land warfare (seven weeks) respectively. Officer and enlisted personnel go through the same training program. It is designed to develop and test their stamina, leadership, and ability to work as a team.

Source: Wikipedia

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