Russia Strikes F-16 Airbase The place Ukraine Might Deploy It Jets

After a month of tense calm within the skies, Russia has returned to the struggle with a vengeance.

On March twenty first, 2024, a serious long-range bombing marketing campaign despatched shivers down spines in Ukraine. Strategic bombers, the colossal Tu-95 “Bear-H” and modern MiG-31 “Foxhound” fighters, unleashed a barrage of missiles. Kyiv, town that has been resisting for the previous two years, was pounded by Russian warplanes once more in one of many greatest assaults throughout your complete battle.

British intelligence reported not less than ten bombers and twenty missiles had been used, together with superior weaponry like AS-23a Kodiak cruise missile and the hypersonic Kinzhal air-launched missile. This arsenal hints at Russia’s intent to overwhelm Ukrainian air defences and inflict most injury on strategic targets.

Navy analysts at the moment are scrambling to grasp this sudden shift. Nonetheless, British intelligence provides a compelling clarification, suggesting that Western sanctions could be crippling Russia’s means to take care of and execute advanced air missions. Problem buying crucial plane components could possibly be forcing them in the direction of long-range stand-off strikes. This minimises the danger of Russian jets venturing into Ukrainian airspace, the place a lethal gauntlet of air defence programs awaits them.

However these weren’t simply symbolic strikes. The targets chosen hinted at a deeper technique. Shortly after, on March twenty second, Russia launched one other important assault. This time concentrating on Ukraine’s power infrastructure. The strike resulted in casualties and widespread energy outages.

And so they saved pushing, concentrating on a key army airfield within the Khmelnytskyi area. This facility was rumoured to be slated for deployment of F-16 fighter jets just lately pledged by Western allies.


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